SUP board rental

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500 rub

«ONLY YOU AND THE SEA» why is it worth going on a paddle at least once?

Stand up paddle is rowing. Vladivostok residents have appreciated this sport-entertainment since long time: a paddle board can be rented for a day or more.

The sport is recreational with a beautiful scenery and affordable, which is why it became popular very quickly.

For surfing. no wind, waves, or special skills are required. Just five minutes to get used to balancing - and you can conquer the sea.

An unforgettable feeling of freedom: only you, the sea and nothing else. You can go to any place you want, where even the most water sport equipement will not go.

It is easy to choose stand up paddle, manufacturers offer a large selection of boards for different weight and height of the rower, as well as for different purposes. There are universal walking boards designed for calm waters and small waves - they are more stable. And there are surfboards that are more maneuverable and faster.

In general, even a child can stand on the stand up paddle, the main thing is to follow the safety rules and listen carefully to the instructions. In extreme cases, if it is difficult to resist the waves, you can row while sitting, some boards have seats. And the probability of rolling over while sitting on a stand up paddle is almost zero.