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Every morning our bakers bake many types of hot aromatic bread for you: corn, buckwheat, mustard, fruit, French baguette, ciabbata, focaccia with cheese and tomatoes, rye cakes.

Brioche buns, sausages in dough, hamburgers, sandwiches, pizza, puff scallops with lingonberries, croissants, Ossetian pies, puff pastries with salmon, sprinkle with cottage cheese, biscuit rolls - french and hot are prepared for your breakfast.

We bake not only bakery products, but we can also pamper you with sweets: assorted cakes.

The most delicious Napoleon cake - we make according to the oldest recipe, we do not use coloration, substitutes and preservatives.

Our desserts and cakes of our own production will not leave you indifferent: marshmallows, kozinaki, pretzels for tea, peanut, coconut, Kurabie cookies, Bouchet, Merenga cakes, Tiramisu cake, Ladies fingers, Ballerina, Macaroons.